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Earth Songs
17-18 April 2021

Midsummer Movers
25-27 June 2021

The Art of Being in Motion with Helen Poynor and Shelagh O'Neill
23-25 July 2021

Embodied Landscapes
Training workshop
11-12 September 2021

Autumn in the Woods
23-24 October 2021

Movement Ritual Explorations
19-21 November 2021

Individual work

Helen works with a continuum that encompasses performance, creative and artistic process, movement practice, life process and dance movement therapy. Although there is a potential relationship between different aspects of this continuum, an agreement is made with each individual about the focus and intention of their work. If this transforms in the course of the work the arrangement can be re-negotiated.

Movement is understood and experienced as a personal, physical and creative process.  A process that leads to the core of oneself and back out into the world. Inhabiting one’s movement more fully engenders an embodied sense of self in daily life and in performance.

In a process which unfolds over time participants are supported to follow the evolution of their movement practice whatever their level of experience.  Time and space are given to breathe, to touch base, to reconnect with the kinaesthetic self, to reflect.

The sessions are unstructured and follow the needs of the individual. They generally consist of a combination of moving and talking although the balance of time spent on each varies considerably. Stillness and silence also speak. Participants may be encouraged to write or draw as part of their ongoing journey. Although individual sessions embrace both daily life issues and life transitions they are not problem orientated.

Sessions are confidential and professionally supervised.



Practical Information

An initial phone conversation is followed by an introductory session in which the needs of the participant and the intention of the sessions are clarified and an agreement is made.

Individual sessions normally last one hour but can be extended by prior arrangement.  They may be at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals either on an ongoing basis or for an agreed number of sessions or period of time.

Sessions take place in Branscombe or Beer, East Devon, 20 miles East of Exeter.
I am now offering one to one sessions outside as well as in a studio.

For mentoring or supervision or people travelling from further afield longer sessions can be arranged less frequently.  A series of sessions can be booked on consecutive days.  Please telephone to discuss your needs 01297 680155 (9am-7pm Mon-Fri).

Prices 2020

Individual Movement Sessions
£45 per hour, individuals
£65 per hour, couples

Mentoring and Supervision
£48 per hour, individuals

Please enquire for rates for joint or group sessions.