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The Art of Being in Motion with Helen Poynor and Shelagh O'Neill

Spring Awakening
April 2020

Wild Women, Rocks and Water
August 2020
*New Dates*

Walk of Life Summer School
July 2020

Embodied Landscapes
Training workshop
Sept 2020

Autumn in the Woods
October 2020

Movement Ritual Explorations
November 2020

The Walk of Life is an innovative approach to non-stylised movement and creative expression. Established on the beautiful Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in West Dorset/East Devon in 1991 it integrates moving in the studio with moving in response to inspiring natural environments on the coast and in the hills and woodlands nearby.

Simple movement scores arising from the structure of the body are offered as springboards into motion. These serve to heighten awareness and to awaken vitality. Personal explorations are transformed and become the ground for artistic expression.

This approach fosters an embodied sense of self and of presence both in daily life and in performance. In a process which unfolds over time each participant is supported to follow the evolution of their movement practice whatever their level of experience. Participants include experienced movers, emerging practitioners and interested newcomers.

These workshops offer the opportunity to re-connect with the joy, strength, ease and simplicity that our moving being offers us. Grounding ourselves through an embodied encounter with the land which refreshes both body and spirit we rediscover our 'place in the family of things' (Mary Oliver) . As we move in response to rock and water, tree, earth and sky, different experiences and movement qualities are evoked. Working in a receptive and respectful relationship to the environment deepens our awareness of the natural world and our sense of stewardship and of belonging. The Walk of Life was affiliated to the Jurassic Coast Arts Programme for many years.

This approach to the body in motion has been applied in the arts and performance, education, self-development, movement therapy and daily life. It has proved valuable to people from all walks of life.

The 2020 programme includes The Art Of Being in Motion, an opportunity to experience the collaboration between Helen and Feldenkrais practitioner Shelagh O' Neill, new dates to be confirmed. Spring Awakening a weekend workshop was scheduled in April. Wild Women, Rocks and Water, a 3 day workshop for women is now being offered in August. The annual 4 day Summer School takes place in July followed by Embodied Landscapes a 3 day intensive training workshop in September. Autumn in the Woods is the last environmental workshop in October. Anna Halprin's Movement Ritual completes the programme in November.