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Wild Women
24-26 March


Spring Awakening
22-23 April 2023

Women in the Land
10-11 June 2023


Summer Songs
7-9 July 2023

Embodied Landscapes
29 Sept - 1 Oct 2023

Autumn in the Woods
14-15 October 2023


Other Opportunities

Several participants in the Walk of Life training also offer workshops in their own right. The following websites may be of interest:


Home - Moving Naturally

Tree Time - Ongoing

This event was offered through People Dancing. Tree Time is free and open to all. It is an invitation to give yourself time to experience your relationship with trees in a new way, guided by a written score which has emerged out of my work with movement in natural environments. It offers a personal embodied experience in the landscape and can be carried out anywhere there is a group of trees at any time. You can download the Score and the Notes on participation (which you'll need) from www.communitydance.org.uk/DB/events-and-activities-archive/tree-time . Scroll down to the bottom of the page. N.B Once you have downloaded them this is a non digital activity.

May 2021

I am sad to announce the death of Anna Halprin born in 1920.

Anna was one of my earliest teachers and is a continuing presence in my life and work. May her generous and creative spirit continue to inspire all those whose lives she touched directly and indirectly and all those who come after.

Fly free Anna!


January 2021

I want to express my deep appreciation of the life work of Anna Halprin and Suprapto Suryodarmo and my gratitude for all I have received from them.

My thanks to life, to all participants without whom this work would not continue, to Katherine and Karen for their invaluable help and to all the others whose cheerful assistance behind the scenes make it all possible.

June 2020

I am now offering one to one sessions outside as well as in a studio. Please telephone for details 01297 680155 (9am-7pm Mon-Sat)..

January 2020

It saddens me to share the news that Suprapto Suryodarmo, from whom I and many others received so much, died in Java on December 29th 2019.

May all beings be well and happy and free from fear.

Photo: Annie Pfingst