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Movement Ritual Explorations
February 2019

Women, Rocks and Water
March 2019

Women in the Land
June 2019

Walk of Life Summer School
July 2019

Embodied Landscapes
Training workshop
August 2019

Autumn Reflections
October 2019

including Sumarah Meditation

Movement Ritual Explorations

February 23rd - 25th 2019

Movement Ritual is a fluid sequence of floor movements created by Anna Halprin. Grounded in a holistic approach to the body the sequence deepens kinaesthetic awareness, encouraging flexibility in the spine and enlivening the whole body. It can be used as a daily practice, a warm up or workout, a physical meditation and a springboard into creative movement. The weekend offers an in-depth introduction to the sequence including pair work and personal explorations. The intention is to enable participants to continue working with it alone after the workshop.

Newcomers and previous participants welcome. You may register for Saturday and Sunday or all three days. Participants who have attended a Movement Ritual workshop with Helen before and have continued to practise the sequence may attend just Sunday and Monday to review their practice and familiarise themselves with the final section.

Price: two days £100, three days £145; (£85/£120 concession)
Location: Branscombe, 2 miles from Beer, East Devon.