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Movement Ritual Explorations
February 2019

Women, Rocks and Water
March 2019

Women in the Land
June 2019

Walk of Life Summer School
July 2019

Embodied Landscapes
Training workshop
August 2019

Autumn Reflections
October 2019

including Sumarah Meditation

Women in the Land
June 14th - 16th 2019

...because we know ourselves to be made of this earth, because we know sunlight moves through us, water moves through us, everything moves, everything changes.   
Susan Griffin

3 days, 3 sites: in ancient woodland, on the hills and on the under-cliff above the sea. Feeling your feet on the earth and the wind in your hair. Inhabiting your animal body, re-discovering the strength and the flexibility of your spine and your limbs. Loosening the fetters of daily life, taking your time, reclaiming body and breath, surrendering to the earth.

Price: £145 (£120 concession)
Charmouth, near Lyme Regis.

This is a partner workshop to Women, Rocks and Water. They can be taken separately or together. 15 discount for women who book for both.