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Earth Songs
17-18 April 2021

Midsummer Movers
25-27 June 2021

The Art of Being in Motion with Helen Poynor and Shelagh O'Neill
23-25 July 2021

Embodied Landscapes
Training workshop
11-12 September 2021

Autumn in the Woods
23-24 October 2021

Movement Ritual Explorations
19-21 November 2021

The Art of Being in Motion with Helen Poynor and Shelagh O'Neill

July 23rd - July 25th
Friday 3.00pm - Sunday 5.30pm

The dynamic collaboration between Helen and Shelagh continues, interweaving Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons with non-stylised movement explorations. A chance to delve deeper and expand the horizons of your movement practice. The subtle kinaesthetic investigations of the Feldenkrais Method® enrich creative expression revealing new possibilities for an embodied encounter with the natural world.

The Feldenkrais Method generates flexibility of body and mind, in a focused, relaxed and often surprising way. The sequences of movements work like a physical riddle - as each new movement is repeated and explored, new clarity is found and unaccustomed movement relationships emerge. Your habits and assumptions are challenged and you find new solutions. Attention, curiosity and awareness combine to engage your capacity for on-going change.

The Friday afternoon will be spent inside exploring the interconnection between the two approaches. The next two days will combine studio practice and moving under the cliffs at Beer Head. Listening inside - listening outside, supported and enlivened by the rocks and the pebbles. The sound of the sea and the touch of the sun and the breeze invite us to let go, while the cormorants stand sentinel on the cliffs above.

See www.nicefeldenkrais.co.uk for information on Shelagh's practice.

Price: £150 (£120 concession)
Location: Branscombe, 2 miles from Beer.